The 3 Top Questions Asked About Direct Mail Marketing

Have you ever received a piece of marketing in the mail with your name on it? (Who hasn’t?) If so, you have been the recipient of direct mail advertising, whether you actually stopped to think about it or not.

If you run a business, this is one of the single most effective avenues that you should be thinking about pursuing to connect with customers and potential shoppers.

To get you familiar with how important this form of marketing is and how it can help you in your ventures, take a look at three of the top questions asked about direct mail marketing, and their answers.

1. Why is direct mail a better option than email?

This is a simple answer – direct mail doesn’t require one to opt in. Instead of building up an email list, you simply find the neighborhood or individuals you would like to market to, take note of their addresses, and come up with some personalized marketing that you can send to their homes. They open their mailbox and receive it. No opt-in forms, no list building.

2. Why is direct mail important these days?

Direct mail is still very important because it is still one of the single most effective forms of advertising. Not only does this kind of advertising work fine on its own, but it can also complement other forms of ad campaigning nicely.

3. Why is direct mail so effective?

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It is effective because it is so personal. With direct mail marketing, you can target a single person or you can target an entire neighborhood. You can come up with personalized marketing just for those people, so the message they receive is customized just for them. There is no other form of marketing that can do this so effectively to this day.

Leveling Up With Direct Mail

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